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My Friends' Pics
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their website.
Sweet Cindi
The beautiful Jamie
Jaye- what a cutie
Dawn Voyles
Vanessa in her Dreams =>
Ally McFeal
My sister Sheila, such a sweety.
Joanie (UglyGirl2.0?)
Barbara Lynn

The only M2F TS I know
who was born a girl.
Stephanie in the Big Apple
(Linux Girl?)
                             MissDarlaAnn ==>
Julie and Joanne from Pennsylvania
Melanie Black
aka Melanie Vader
Jamey Johanson
Fifi- Maid 2 Order
My new friend and sweet sister, Caril
Tabitha Martin
Tiffany from Ontario.. sweet girl
My sweet sister Tams...
Welcome home. I love you.
Gegi, Tony and Cassey
Carol is TS.. 11 July 1999