Pam and sister Jess
My Best Friend

This is my very best friend, Pam.
We have an online history that is
to say the least... AMAZING!

  Pam was one of the very first people I ever met online, and was a special friend from the first.  We grew closer in the first few months, but I had made the unfortunate mistake of not telling her that I was a transsexual woman.

   When it came the time that I could no longer keep the fact from her, she was understandably hurt and angry with me, and I did not hear from her for a couple months after that.

   Then, one day, there she was.. messaging me... and I begged her forgiveness for my deceit, and she asked mine for her anger... thus the friendship began anew, and even stronger than before.

    Pam is very special to me, being the only one that has known me before I openly began to let all my friends know of my position, and still standing by me, no.... returning to me.. afterward.

    I am placing this page here in her honor on her 20th birthday, June 25th, 2000.  Happy birthday Pam, may this be your best ever, filled with joy and love.  And may you have a hundred more. Bless you my friend, I love you.